Waking up with the Sun

Waking up with the Sun. This is my strong desire to be able to adapt this into my personal habit. I think I have created a character that people familiar with as being less on time. I realised if I had managed my time properly this last 15 years, I would have achieved great things. Actually everyone will achieve great things if their time being managed properly.

Time is something that really weird. We try to measure it, but it is unmeasurable. I guess, thats why Einstein called Time is relativity. It is related to how you feel about it at any given time. If I feel bored, time moves very slow. If I am excited, it moves faster. So what shall I do. Maybe be in peace. Time will be time as what it suppose to be.

I want to manage my time. And also let Time manage myself. I want to wake up early and have extra hours to myself to study and work hard on things that matters. The greatest asset we have as a human is our ability to adapt. My body will adapt to this new resolution of mine. To be early riser and study. Study is part of my responsibility as a doctor. How can I overlook this responsibility. I have to know. I have to know and practice. My desire to know and practice medicine to the perfection can only be achieved via good time management. The first step is early rising. Wake up with the sun. Thank you.


Sharpening your intuition

Intuition is something very primal to human survival. We are made such way to have this automatically, just like our breathing effort. It is something that we learn to take for granted but it is uttermost vital.

In the book entitled Blink by Malcolm Galdwell, it was illustrated with my multiple examples how intuition works, hence the title Blink. All of us are given a software that evaluate a situation in nanosecond and the accuracy is very high.

Then why are many people are making bad judgement. The problem lies in our inability to listen to those intuition and act accordingly. One of the most strong intuition I had was a call in my heart saying “do not trust this man” when I was in love with a wrong man. Did I listened to it? No, I didn’t. I learned it the hard way. I could have saved myself from a lot of trouble and heartache if I listened to my intuition or voice of God within me. It kept telling and giving me reference but I ignored. And I paid the price. Since then, I learned to listen to my heart carefully and weigh the situation more diligently if my intuition throwing me some alarm.

As my title suggest, there are ways to sharpen our intuition. First, the best teacher is experience. The more experience we have in any given field, the more we can trust our intuition on that field. Our brain and intuition has more data to process and to give the accurate assessment of a situation. Again, intuition also something to do with pattern recognition in any given situation. So the more experience we have in a field, the better the comparisons and verdict of a situation, or in other word, our intuition.

Second, is the effort of learning and knowledge in any given field. For example, in medical profession, a Physician can clearly point out that something not right with a patient by just looking at them. This important skill usually possessed by senior members of doctors and this helps to guide the junior doctors carrying out investigation to find out what is wrong with the patient. Again, this medical intuition is acquired both with knowledge and experience.

Therefore, let’s not forego and ignore our intuition. The voice that we hear in the middle of our heart is a voice of God within us. No one can deny that. All of us have the ability to listen to our intuition. If our school start teaching our kids to listen to our intuition, we won’t have so much of problem. The voice generally very kind and considerate and most important of all it is wise.

Interesting article: Money, An Energy Source

Written by April 25, 2012

Why is it that some people can earn millions, end up bankruptcy, and then start all over gaining back their millions again, while others struggle just to keep the status quo? Is it that some are just lucky? Is it that some are better educated? What is it that makes some of us rich and some of us poor? Is it that we all have a financial blueprint and some have a blueprint to be rich and some to be poor, and if so, can we change that blueprint?

Money is a subject that stirs great feeling in all of us. Its uses can give us great happiness and joy, yet the lack of it can create feelings of fear, depression, and worthlessness. Money itself has no energy. It is a piece of paper or a piece of metal, but it is the energy behind money that creates so much happiness and so much sorrow. So why is it that some people are blessed to receive all that they need and want, and others are not? And some have much more than they need and are still not happy. It is all based on the energy of money and how each of us perceives and uses that energy.

To say that money is not important or money doesn’t buy happiness is to be naive. Yes, money alone cannot buy true happiness, but in this world money can give us the freedom to live our lives as we please. It can give us security and tranquility of mind. It can provide us with experiences that we may not otherwise be able to have. Money is one of the energies through which we experience life with ease or with strife.

The feelings of guilt, greed, and competition that often come with the striving for money are simply an attachment to the physical money itself and a misplaced interpretation or use of the energy. A desire for money for money’s sake, rather than for the good that it can bring forth, is an unhealthy attachment that can bring you lack and unhappiness.

We were all born to be rich. There is an endless supply of money that we can all create and manifest in our lives if we learn to act and think in a way that vibrates with our natural ability to attract all that we desire.

We need to stop attaching ourselves to physical money and our physical sources of income and start relying on our inner selves, our subconscious, which is the real source of all the abundance we will ever need and desire. When we are aligned correctly and our subconscious is working for us, we need only think of our desires, and the money or the means that is needed to fulfill these desires will flow to us.

Our subconscious works automatically, all the time, in the same way that our heart pumps blood and our lungs breathe for us. Our subconscious brings to us what we desire. The issue here is learning to program our subconscious to bring us things that we desire and to stop things appearing in our life that we do not desire. In particular, how do we program our subconscious to deliver us the means or the financial resources for all that we desire?

Money is made up of two energies: how we use our money physically and rationally, such as how we budget and save, invest and spend, and maintain our awareness of money on a conscious level; and second, the subconscious energy of money, which is driven by our thoughts and emotions.

Currently, we are in an economic slump with the stock market falling daily, businesses closing, and a general loss of confidence in the economy. But is there really less money now than there was two or twenty or fifty years ago? Are there really less resources? Have we used up more of the resources than are available to people on this planet? The answer is no. So where has all this money gone? Why is everyone poorer now than they were a few years ago? The answer is that money is not just a physical entity, a physical piece of paper. Money is also an energy that ebbs and flows. Money is an energy that manifests in confidence and expectation, in abundance that attracts more abundance.

Many of us are caught up in the fear cycle, watching the stock market drop and listening to the doom-and-gloom news. This is only perpetuating more of the same because our thoughts and emotions impress on our subconscious a focus for more of the same. Our world economy is in a spiraling state of panic and fear—fear of loss of money and lifestyle, which brings more loss of money and lifestyle.

In any economy, even during the Great Depression, some were able to rise above this collective conscious slump and use the energy of money and abundance to not only provide for themselves, but to provide in great abundance. It is this energy that we need to learn to tap into.

This excerpt is from 30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance by Gail Thackray.

Gail Thackray is a psychic medium and spiritual educator. She lectures on manifesting, healing, mediumship, animal communication, and other aspects of spirituality. Many people report that her workshops and events have completely changed their lives and they’ve received spontaneous healings. For more information, please visit her website:

Money as an energy

After a long break, finally I thought of pen downed my thought in this blog. I have this scattered thoughts about money and me. It is everywhere. I need to rearrange my thoughts in order to find a solution.

As the title above, I believe that Money is a form of energy. Physically in the form of notes, coins and cheques. But nowadays, alot of money appears in the form of “maya” or cyber. I can see my money in Maybank2u.com and then I can transfer the energy to other people or organizations when I pay them for a service or things.

I am here to talk about the relationship I have with this energy. I tend to attract alot of this energy but I also tend to make this energy disappear as quick as they appear in my life. I earned more than most people I know, somehow I tend to spend this valuable energy on other people and I enjoy the energy only to fulfill my basic needs. I am grateful that my people of my close-net got opportunity to enjoy this energy but I do want to enjoy it myself as well. It is affecting my husband and my son. It is interesting to see my husband tend to have the same kind of energy attraction towards money. He spends all his money on his parents and sister. and left very little for me and my son, and of course none for himself.

How do I change this form of energy pattern in relation to money? I think, first and foremost I need to find the root cause for this. I wonder if I inherited this from my father whom known for his generousity. This means it could be inherited to my son. When I was young, I always feel money is something that everyone has a problem with. I witnessed it on how my parents spend their money. It incorporated in my belief system. As I grow up, I met people with healthy relationship towards money. They always have enough money no matter what time of month it is. They always have plenty to go by and they always spend on them first before others. It puzzled me, but I slowly accepted it. Accepting it does not mean I am practicing it. Far from it yet.

What I want is, healthy relationship with money. Deep down I know, if I master the energy of money, I can pursue my life peacefully and gracefully. I can achieve what I want to achieve much more faster and stronger.

How do I begin? 1)  I need to keep track of my income and expenses. I need to enjoy this process. 2) I need to make a saving monthly. 3) List down of things that I really want. eg mini ipad. 4) Think before spending on other people.

That  is my thought for today. Thank you

“Blessing ignored, will become a curse” Paulo Coelho – Alchemist.

I have this surge of energy, wanting something different and be more aware of my world and my blessing. I am blessed with alot of things. I have fantastic parents. I was given RM 1 million by MARA to study medicine in the UK, in one of the respectable university in the world. I’m married to one of the most wonderful person in the world. He is epitome of kindness. I have a very adorable baby whom radiate love and happiness at every angle. 

Why then I still complaint and thinking negative thoughts? I believe I do have powerful thought, either it is positive or negative. It is powerful when I let it happened. I need a system in my daily life to establish a routine of positive. I am writing this article more of brainstorming for myself and I welcomed others help in my brainstorming session.

1) How do I develop sense of gratitude everyday? – gratitude journal, everyday without fail. A must.

2) Sense of achievement? – Wake up early everyday, weekend especially, 

                                          – eat home cook food

3) What are my aims? – Be a great doctor that contribute to this community 

                                   – Be a great mother, raise up A leader of tomorrow. Hopefully next Prime Ministry of Malaysia. Aleef.

                                   – Be positive person, caring and wonderful and peaceful person. Be a good wife 🙂 I love you Razali.

4) What are my immediate steps? – Time management

                                                     – Be Organized

                                                      – Efficient

                                                      – Updated

5) What are the things that I always wanted to do?  – Writing blog,  Writing to papers, entering essay competition 

                                                                                – Baking cake 

                                                                                – Exercise 

                                                                                – Sign Language

Wuish…. i feel god writing all this down. Thank you. Thank you.


Being an Indian Muslim in Malaysia

Many Malaysians, including the Indians does not really understand what is the meaning of Indian Muslim or ‘Mamak’. The Indian Muslim is constantly being misunderstood. I can list few causes for it:

1) The Indian Muslim themselves – The Indian Muslims are not proud of their root and misunderstood their own culture. They are alot of Indian Muslims can’t speak their mother tongue or some of them refuse to talk in their mother’s tongue. Most Mamaks in Malaysia are originally Tamil speaking race. Tamil is a very beautiful language and has long history compared to any other languages in the world. Even the word “Malay” comes from Tamil language which means people of hill (malai).

2) The Government Policy – Alot of Indian Muslim hide their identities to enjoy the privileges of Bumiputera. This is a very sad and heartbreaking for both the race and the government. Deep down of in them, they know that they are Indian by genetic and race but outwardly they claim they are Malays. This is a very serious self-identity conflict. This will lead to confusion of self and no great mastery can be achieved with this in deficient.

3) Politic environment- The above reasons finally give rise to this issue. for an example, the Indian Muslim in Malaysia has organization called ‘KIMMA’  which is acronym for ‘Kongress Indian Muslim Malaysian Association’. And all of us know that the main political parties in Malaysia based on race division. Ummo for Malays, MIC for Indian and MCA for Chinese. We do have parties based on religion, like PAS – for Muslim. Then why does KIMMA has be under UMNO? Why not under MIC? It is much more shameful to see the UMNO logo of Keris is included in KIMMA’s logo. How does ‘keris’ reflect Indian Muslims of Malaysia? This is pure hypocrisy.

Just a thought… trying hard to be Indian Muslim in Malaysia.

Understanding the meaning of luxury….

I would say, people who were born in the 70s, 80s and 90s are living the best quality of life a human race ever had. We are eating as equal as a King of Solomon would have in his time. We change our dress as frequent as Indian princess would have done in her time. We are travelling faster than Alexander the great. The parents now days are dealing with which school to send their children to rather than thinking when their son will be called to join the war or worrying about whether their daughter will survive child labour.

But does any of us really absorb this fact fully and be grateful for it? Very little indeed.

Yesterday, in my clinic, I came across a case a patient whom self- poisoned himself with steroid medications for almost two years in order to build his body for showcase. He was very proud to say that he is serving Malaysian Army. He was talking about his career in the army as a showcase body builder and that is all he does. He never hold a gun in his life. For him to be proud of his career while being in the army, which clearly does not reflect any patriotism. What a shame?  Why do we have to have an army team member whom turning themselves as a patient and has no ability whatsoever to protect the country if we ever face with war?

This is for me is the misunderstanding of luxury of peaceful country. We have an army to create more patients and mental illness than to guard the ford.

I am at lost to convince the above patient the real reason army was established. And even more at lost try to get him to stop him for continuing to self-poisoning with illegal supplements that being served in the army camp itself.

I guess, we have to start somewhere to understand the meaning of luxury that we are having now. The less appreciative we are of the luxuries that we have around us, the less the value the luxuries become. And eventually it will disappear and it will be too late to appreciate it. Lets start somewhere to appreciate it.